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Know is a unique collection of Power BI reports designed to meet the specific needs of companies in the field service and construction industries. Know and Power BI work together to turn data from KEY2ACT’s Signature into interactive insights to enable decision-making based on real-time information. Through Know, financial and operational data are combined and visualized to showcase the analytics you need to run your business. Know is available at no additional cost to actively supported KEY2ACT customers, but requires Power BI Pro licensing because a data
gateway is used to connect to on-premises data. Power BI Pro licensing fees apply.



Know is based on reports like the one below. Reports are made up of one or more visualizations designed to illustrate information pulled from a dataset. Report contents can be automatically refreshed as frequently as every hour to ensure that the data represented is accurate and current.


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Know report library

Know’s report templates are designed specifically for Signature Service Management and Job Cost. A template includes the definition of a report, the data model and the queries to create the data used by the report. The Know report library will continue to grow as KEY2ACT customers request additional reporting capabilities.


Job Cost

• Job Actual Vs Forecasted Cost
• Job Anticipated Proft and Loss
• Cash Flow by Job and Division
• Open Job Change Orders
• Job Contract Earned – 3 Year Comparison
• 3-Year Compare on Number of Jobs
• Job Over/Under Billed by Job and Project Manager

Service Management

• Maintenance Contract Statistics
• Service Call Profitability by Customer
• Service Call Progress
• Service Call Statistics
• Service Calls Created Over Time
• Technician Forecast 6 Months Out
• Technician Statistics


Get more from Know

An engagement with KEY2ACT’s Professional Services team will create even more value for your business. KEY2ACT consultants can install and configure the Power BI desktop client, the on-premises gateway for SQL server and the Know report library. Our team can also develop new reports to better ft your business needs, and create persona-based dashboards made up of a combination of visuals selected from the Know report library and other data sources.



Dashboards provide instant access to the important metrics your users need to see every day. Dashboards are made up of a combination of tiles, each of which contains a visualization based on a single dataset. Depending on the design of the visualization, users may be able to drill deeper into the data. Tiles can also be interactive, which means that clicking on a value in one tile impacts data shown in other tiles.

The dashboard below was created to illustrate the metrics that a company’s service manager might want to see on a daily basis. At a glance, it provides insight into hours billed per technician, shows calls broken down by problem type and division, and offers a monthly breakdown of the number of maintenance contract calls generated.


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