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Our Leadership Principles

We follow these principles in our day-to-day work, enabling us to work more effectively while growing as team.

  • Freedom: We encourage each other to grow in knowledge, skill, scope of responsibility and range of activities. We believe that team members will exceed expectations when given the freedom to do so.
  • Fairness: Everyone at Halden makes an effort to be fair with one another our customers, our vendors and anyone else with whom we do business.
  • Commitment: We are not assigned tasks; rather, we each make our own commitments and keep them.
  • Vision: We believe in the long-term view. Our decisions are based on a long-term plan. We don’t sacrifice our fundamental beliefs for short-term gain.

Finally, we believe in the long-term view. Our decisions are based on long-term payoff, and we don’t sacrifice our fundamental beliefs for short-term gain.

Fundamental Beliefs

Our Leadership and beliefs are the basis for our strong culture, which connects Halden team members in a common bond.

We believe in the individual and each team member’s potential to help Halden grow and succeed. We also believe in the power of small teams, and through Halden’s leadership power is distributed among employees according to clearly defined professional responsibilities, and there are no micromanaging superiors to worry about. Team members can communicate freely to assemble talents and diverse perspectives to quickly make good decisions and produce quality work that helps us deliver on our promise to our customers.

We also believe we’re all in the same boat. As a team, we have a vested interest in the success of the company, and we share in Halden’s risks and rewards while having an added incentive to stay committed to our long-term success. As a result, we feel we’re all in this effort together, and believe we should always consider what’s best for the company as a whole when making decisions.

Committed to Diversity

At Halden, every individual matters. We want each team member to experience the inclusion promised in our fundamental beliefs and guiding principles, regardless of their race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, background, political beliefs or other personal identifiers.

Diversity and inclusion are critical ingredients for sustaining an engaging working environment. Our company is stronger when we include diverse backgrounds, talents and viewpoints; recognize each other’s unique contributions; and bring our knowledge together across the company to make smart business decisions — truly making our whole, more than the sum of its parts.

Our team members are what differentiate Halden as an company. Diverse perspectives, talents and experiences have fueled us for more than 30 years, and they will propel us forward as a successful company where all team members are able to do their best work each and every day.


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