Unlock the power of action

How often are your dispatchers forced to switch from one monitor to the next, or from one website to the next, just to process service request? How much time do they spend throughout the day checking email for service-orders, or entering data in multiple places to ensure that the right information gets to the right people?


Juggling inputs and outputs between multiple systems can create an enormous time-drain.To solve this problem, KEY2ACT has created ACT, a new IoT solution that translates service requests into meaningful action. Act uses service requests received via email to facilitate the creation of service calls and appointments within Signature Service Management and job cost.


Actis installedandconfiguredbytheKEY2ACTProfessionalServicesteamanddoesnotrequireadditional GP user-licenses.Actworkswith Signature versions 2015R2 and higher.


Act manages events between sources

Act manages communications between a wide range of systems and devices, expediting the creation of service calls and appointments.ActcurrentlysupportscommunicationwithinternalandexternalresourcesusingemailintegrationwithServiceManagementandJobCost, KEY2ACT’s field service and job management solutions.



  • Act receives service requests and attachments from external email sources and handles them based on rules configured for each source.
  • Act translates information, such as Customer ID, Location ID, and Service Call Description, into events and actions.
  • Act can email one or more customer contacts and/or back-office staff when defined events occur, such as “service call created”, “appointment scheduled” or “job appointment completed”. Any number of custom events can be.


  • Makesiteasierforyour customers to request services from your organization via email
  • Reduces resource time spent monitoring incoming email and manually creating service calls or appointments
  • Decreases the chance of missing service requests
  • Increases customer visibility into service request and appointment statuses