Business Central “Nothing to Post Error” – What Do I Do?

June 25, 2019 3:29 pm

Have you ever gotten the error “There is nothing to Post” when trying to Ship, Receive or Invoice a document in Business Central?


woman frustrated over Business Central error there is nothing to post when trying to ship, receive, or invoice a document

The reason can stem from a line having already been Shipped (or Received in the case of Purchase Orders) and the user tries to select the Ship (or Receive) option when Posting. In this example, we’ll use a Sales Order. When viewing the Sales Lines, we see that the Quantity Shipped field indicates that both lines have been completely shipped.

quantity shipped screenshot

If we go to Post the order and Select the Ship option, the system will generate the “There is nothing to Post” Error.

This error can also be caused by not filling in the Qty. to Ship field even when the Quantity Shipped is zero.

If Qty. to Ship is blank even though the line hasn’t been shipped, the system will generate the “There is nothing to Post” error when trying to ship. See example below:


This same error can be caused in Purchase Orders when the Qty. to Receive field is blank and the user selects “To Receive” when Posting.