Clock Title


Unlock the power of easy time and expense management

Introducing Clock, the new end-to-end time and expense-management solution from KEY2ACT. Clocklet’s users create time and expense entries linked to service calls, jobs, and unbilled transactions. with clock, time and expenses are easily logged through a simple user interface accessible via mobile device or internet browser.

Clock can help you:

  • Reduce billing and payroll processing time

  • Improve back-office visibility

  • Make it easy for a payroll administrator to correct entries

  • Managetimeandexpenseformultiplecompanies

Clock Mobile allows licensed employees to update timesheets and manage reimbursable expenses remotely through iOS or Android tablets and smartphones.

Individual and crew time entry

With Clock, time and expense info can be entered by project managers, team members and team leaders in the field or by back-office staff. Team leaders and field supervisors can easily create time entries for their whole crew, or for individual or multiple crew members.

Robust reporting

Clock lets you easily create web-based reports based on time, project or cost information. Data is updated in real-time, which means you’re able to quickly view and analyze up-to-the-minute-transaction entries, project hours or expenses by job or employee, and more.


  • Manager and project manager approval
  • Private cloud implementation*
  • Multiple options for time entry including standard and time-in/time-out methods
  • Approval Notifications
  • Overtime rules engine for manual-overtime warnings
  • Role-based permissions
  • Template options for frequent time-entry
  • Visibility into leave balances and time off requests. Shift-premium in pay code settings supported*On-premises implementation available by request