Unlock the power of connection

Connect is an affordable cloud-based solution that delivers actionable outcomes based on data collected from building systems and equipment. Connect integrates seamlessly with building automation systems to find system-level deficiencies that rob a facility of its comfort and efficiency potential. Servicecontractorscanuse Connect deficiency reports providing focused visits to areas in a building that truly need attention, providing better service experience, creating customer loyalty and cementing long-term relationships.


Service cycle automation

Connect’s perpetual commissioning allows your firm to automate the complete service cycle. That includes everything from monitoring a building’s status, to predicting and reacting to equipment deficiencies, to dispatching the right technician with the right part store solve the issue on the first trip. Connect’s integrated technology enhances your customers’experience, leading to higher retention rates and increased sell-through opportunities and empowering your firm to grow and flourish.

Perpetual commissioning

Contractors typically spend a lot of time and energy on the initial commissioning of building equipment and systems. Once this commissioning is complete, however, the results are fixed, and the job is done. Connect enables perpetual commissioning, allowing the process to continue at set intervals–minutes, hours, days or weeks—for as long as the building is connected. Service providers can now monitor all the equipment in the building on a real-time basis.




Simple building analysis

Commercial building systems produce vast amounts of data each day. Connect centralizes that building data for analysis and reporting, providing service contractors with a holistic view of building operations.

With Connect’s grading system, building equipment can be ranked using custom performance metrics, enabling on-site service visits to focus on the equipment most in need of attention.



Actionable outcomes

Connect is more than a building analytics solution. Instead, Connect generates actionable outcomes in the form of reports you can use to show your customers how they can optimize equipment operations and improve energy efficiency. That means a happier customer base, which can lead to building retention rates of close to 100 percent and more pull-through work.

Connect Features

  • Low-Cost connectivity

  • Secure encrypted cloud connection

  • Easy to use; no special programming skills needed

  • Actionable outcomes

  • Variable technical support

The Power of pull-through network

On a typical building using Connect, perpetual commissioning can generate enough pull-through work to multiply your initial investment by 28 times.