Creating Jobs in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

May 21, 2019 12:32 pm

Creating Jobs In Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

When budgets are added, you increase visibility into cost, which helps the user anticipate cost overruns and maximize revenue.

To see the list of jobs, go to the Project Manager Role Center, and click on the navigation list.

In the Role Center Page, choose the Project Manager Role Center. In the upper right-hand corner, Click on My Settings.

Select “Project Manager” from the drop-down menu, hit “OK.”

To see the List of Jobs, go into the Project Manager Role Center and select Jobs.

To Create a NEW job, Click New and a blank Job Card Page will open in Business Central. Business Central will assign the Job No.

Now, enter all the pertinent information you need for that Job.  Now make yourself the Project Manager so that the Role Center will display the new Job.

Now it is time to Assign the Task. You will notice that the JOB TASK # is part of the No. sequence you defined.  You may define as many tasks as needed.

If you want to be able to add the budget information on the Planning Line, then you want to Set the JOB TASK TYPE as Posting.

To add the budget information, open the Job Planning Line window.

Enter the Job Task No., that was assigned.

Now, put in the Line Type: depending upon how you set it up with that particular customer.  You may choose budget, billable, or both.

Set the Document No. or Planning date.

Then set the Type “Resource,” “No.,” and the Quantity.

Now in the Job Card, the task will show the totals for the cost and the Invoicing in the Job details window, which will help you stay within your budget.

Now go to the posting Fast tab,

Select the Job Posting Group (WIP Method). Now you need to specify the Job Posting group that Business Central will assign to the new Job.

The Job you have created will be visible in the Job List in the Project Manager Role Center.

You can copy the Tasks from an existing job to save time in the future.

Go to the Project Manager Role Center, then click on New Job.

Create New Job in Business Central through the Assistance setup guide. In the Create New Job window, select “Yes” and click Next.

Since you will be copying an existing job, click Next to select the tasks you will copy.

Select the Description and Bill–to–Customer No. you want to copy and click Next.

Select the Job to copy from and specify the task to allow it to copy all tasks. NOTE: On the Apply Fast tab, you can copy the Quantity and the dimensions. Click OK, then OK again on the “The job was successfully copied” window. Then click “Finish.”

Voila, there is the new Job.