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Proper management of equipment, vehicles and other assets is critical for businesses in the construction and field service industries. Equipment Management is a complete solution that allows users to access up-to-the-minute asset level financials and to track status, location, and utilization of equipment. It’s a powerful tool designed to improve efficiencies, increase profit and maximize the effectiveness of equipment-centric operations.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Equipment Management is designed to work as one solution with GP and not as an isolated set of applications.

In the business of renting equipment?

Equipment Rental is an optional add-on module that offers a streamlined approach to supporting a rental process, allowing you to record all details involved. Equipment Rental allows management of all aspects of equipment rentals including:

  • Availability and search
  • Bookings
  • Rental agreements
  • Transport to/from customer location
  • On and off rental service tasking with visual inspection and image-based markup
  • Repair and preventive maintenance management(allowing for the creation of service calls)
  • Periodic invoicing over the life of the longer-term rental agreement
  • Flexible billing increments
  • Ability to invoice miscellaneous sales items as well as overages
  • Special pricing and advanced rental options for each customer or group

Equipment Rental is flexible–you can configure pricing by model, set up your own frequencies/schedules, and calculate line-item discounts, commissions, stand-downs and more. Tax and insurance amounts are automatically calculated, and rentals can be integrated with Equipment Transport to manage charges related to equipment deliveries.

Equipment Management Features:

  •  Record equipment  details and attributes
  • Track status and location of equipment
  • Use Mobile Tech to markup images to identify rental damage or needed repairs
  • Log equipment usage and other measurements or readings
  • View service performed and related costs through service management
  • Keep track of parent-child equipment relationships using the asset hierarchy
  • View or find equipment data for a branch or customer location
  • Initiate new service calls, rental agreements, leases or sales


Tailor your solution with additional functionality


Scheduled Maintenance

allows organizations to create scheduled maintenance records to ensure equipment is serviced in a timely manner. You’ll be able to maximize availability by reducing downtime and the potential for lost revenue or utilization. The ability to provide extensive task descriptions and notes ensures that technicians are best equipped to successfully service equipment. A predictive maintenance feature adds the ability to forecast when the next maintenance may be due based on usage of the equipment or a predefined timeframe.


Equipment Purchasing

mirrors Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Order Processing but takes it a step further. When a new piece of equipment is ordered, the user can choose whether it’s intended for resale or use. Items marked as capital items on the purchase order are automatically linked to Fixed Assets. Once the equipment record is completed in Fixed Assets, it’s automatically linked to Equipment Management.


Equipment Transport

facilitates the booking, scheduling and invoicing of the delivery and pickup of equipment. Any equipment booked as a rental can have the transport charges billed as part of the rental process. Income and expenses can also be tracked against vehicles in order to determine profitability.


Equipment Sales

allows you to process transactions and store information related to equipment sales. Working with profitability analysis, you can view costs relating to a piece of equipment to determine the best selling price.


Tire, Brake and Fuel Tracking offers

the ability to record and invoice tire and brake wear and fuel consumption during the equipment rental period. Vehicle headings can be entered directly into the operations log or captured in the field using MobileTech.


“I’m uploading photos, all purchase information, warranty information. It’s all right there. I love it.”

– Gretchen Lewis | Fleet Services Manager | Housley Communications