Guiding the Client to Look to the Future

November 16, 2016 8:19 pm

Have you ever noticed when you are talking to prospects who realize they need new software or even clients who know they need to upgrade to new software, they all want to talk about “This is how we have always done it…” or,  “This is how we do business…”?

As a trusted adviser, when we talk to clients and prospects, it is incumbent upon us to try to get them to stop talking about how they have been doing business for the past ten years.  Instead, we get them talking about how they want to run their business more successfully in the next ten years.  It’s a classic business mistake to say, “This is how we do business”.   It is our job to show them a new correct approach which is to simplify and modernize all their current business processes, and then move those newly standardized processes to the new software solution.

Submitted by:

Michael Kristensen

CEO, The Halden Group