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Unlock the power of visibility

Giving your customers and employees the ability to see more of the work your company does every day can create remarkable change in your business. KEY2ACT’s See is a module that enables MobileTech users to easily link photos and video to a service call. See works with a solution created by XOi Technologies that enables technicians to capture and share visual intelligence. When used together, XOi and See offer field service companies and their customers’ visibility into facilities and equipment that has never before been possible. See is available at no additional license charge to KEY2ACT customers on current support plans. Customers must also be valid users of MobileTech version 5.5 or higher, and Vision, XOi’s cloud-based platform.

How XOi’s technology works

XOi offers technicians two ways to capture photos and video during a service call: through a mobile app, or through a wearable technology device. Photos and video are then uploaded to the Vision portal when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Technicians can also live-stream their work for training purposes or when help from a more experienced technician is needed.


man working with key2act see softwareHow See works

When technicians log in to MobileTech, they’re also automatically connected with XOi’s Vision portal. Each photo and video captured is tagged with a date/time stamp and technician ID and saved on the Vision portal As technicians complete their work, they can access the Vision portal to preview and select the photos or videos they wish to associate to the appointment. The visual materials are assigned tags to relate them to key Signature data points like the customer, location and others a custom URL to provide access to the photos and video can then be generated, which appears in the Resolution

Note field and on the Call and Job Summary Reports.

How companies like yours use See & Vision:

• Technicians can review photos and videos from previous appointments to prepare for a new site visit.
• Customers can review visual evidence to ensure work was done as promised.
• Field supervisors or crew leaders can review collected photos and video to make sure that all required steps – like the creation of a job safety video – have been completed.


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What you’ll be able to accomplish:

Reduce customer invoice disputes

Seeing visual evidence of work performed makes it virtually impossible for customers to refute the successful completion of services.

Earn new business quickly and efficiently

Technicians can capture videos and photos of other necessary repairs and immediately provide the evidence to a decisionmaker at the customer’s company.

Assure job safety

Technicians can capture video evidence of the job site condition to support the required onsite job safety surveys.

End dishonest competition

With video and photo evidence of the work your company has done, dishonest competitors can’t tell your customers that you skimped on something or didn’t complete a repair or preventive service.

Enable real-time support

If techs in the field come across a problem they can’t easily resolve, they can live-stream video of exactly what they’re seeing to a more experienced technician.

Create training videos

Techs can shoot video of themselves repairing or servicing a
piece of equipment. Those videos can later be accessed through
the Vision portal for training purposes.