Captain’s (B)log: On Teamwork and Endurance – Before You Set Sail, Prepare to Care -Mind and Body for All Souls Aboard!

October 17, 2019 6:07 pm

Captain’s (B)log, October 17, 2019

Sailing and Business Leadership Go Hand in Hand

Captain Michael and the S/V Tonic Sailing into the Sunset

On Teamwork and Endurance: Before You Set Sail with a Crew, Prepare to Care -Mind, Body, and Soul!

Part 2 of a 3-part series this week on Team/”Crew” Leadership

Previously, I shared the tragic tale of the 1979 Fastnet Sailing Race, where a sudden storm resulted in 216 of the 303 participating boats unable to finish the race. What was worse was that 24 panicking crews had abandoned ships still afloat!  Sadly, in the end, 15 people died, five yachts sank, and 136 sailors had to be rescued.

Had the crews “stayed on the boat,” tragedy could have been avoided for many.


Fighting Crew Fatigue While Building Endurance

“Fatigue doth make cowards of us all. “-Vince Lombardy

When it comes to sailing and business, an alert crew is vital, but when the going gets rough, fatigue often worsens fear, saps crew morale and, eventually leads to unnecessary risk.


Provide for Your Crew PhysicallyCoast Guard Always Prepared in Leadership and Sailing

SEMPER PARATUS – “Always Prepared.” – Coast Guard motto

First, provide your crew’s physical needs. Serve a hot meal beforehand, make sure that they stay hydrated, and insist that everyone take sea-sickness medication well before the storm. Even seasoned sailors get queasy as wave heights increase, and it goes without saying that someone fatigued with seasickness is of no use at all.

On deck, dress for the occasion. If anything, overdress slightly – being too warm is better than being too cold.


Provide for your Crew Psychologically

“Physiology precedes psychologically.” -Tony Robbins

Once you’ve provided for your crew physically, provide them psychologically for the challenge ahead. Boat preparations, in themselves, help psychologically. Prone rest combats not just physical, but mental exhaustion almost as effectively as sleep, so encourage your crew to rest, even if sleep eludes them.

Wisdom from the Wheelhouse?  Before you set sail, first set your course for the care of your crew’s mind and body. Do that, and high spirits will accompany everyone toward the shared destination.

After you’ve addressed fatigue, what about fear?  I will address that in my next (B)log: Part 3 in this series – “Overcoming Fear.”  Until then…

From the deck of the S/V Tonic, I wish you Smooth Sailing!

Captain Michæl Kristensen

Wisdom from the Captain's Wheelhouse