Profit-Oriented Decision Making – Conversation with Michael Kristensen, Jr. Part 1

September 23, 2019 5:30 pm
Co-workers Maggie and Michael "Jr"

Co-workers Maggie and Michael “Jr” enjoy a morning coffee and conversation

Part 1 of a recent conversation with Halden Group’s own Michael Kristensen, Jr:

“What we deliver for our clients is Profit-Oriented Decision Making. 

Halden Group provides solutions and capabilities that equip business leaders with the tools and analytics that enable them to make more intelligent decisions that increase profits and grow their businesses.

Companies are interested in profitability based on a number of variables and dimensions – regions, product lines, revenue verticals, cost centers, and more.  For 30 years, Halden has made it easier for our clients to not only track those details and report them in financials, budgets, sales reports, etc., but make use of that data to take profitable action.

Profit-Oriented Decision Making is really the key and purpose of your enterprise information systems.

Yes, we give companies the ability to process transactions, but the ultimate goal is to give leaders the ability to analyze those transactions in a way that drives a company-wide culture of profit oriented focus.”

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