Software Development

Extend your Dynamics software to fit your specific business processes.

To customize or not – Our Approach to customization is always upgrade friendly, so you can personalize your Dynamics software to meet your specific needs without being worried about unintended consequences.

All successful Dynamics customizations start with a great idea or a problem that needs solving. But not all great ideas lead to successful conclusions, that’s where Halden Group can help. The path to success begins with a justifiable need and a sound plan.

The Custom Software Strategy begins with our team and yours reviewing the goal in mind, current workflows and whether software with that functionality already exists in the marketplace, as there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Once the decision is made to move forward, we assemble the appropriate Halden/client team members for a discovery session to gather all functional requirements.

Deconstructing the idea

During discovery, we will deconstruct your idea, poke holes in it, if viable, we’ll marry it with user needs, then align it with your business goals. Key members of our team collaborate with your decision makers during a series of exercises to analyze the custom software development from every angle.

Defining & delivering the functionality

Once we get to the very core of the idea, the place where the user’s value proposition and your business needs intersect, Halden will define the scope required to deliver the functionality.

If our team finds the idea doesn’t solve key user problems or satisfy a business goal during discovery, then Halden will redirect you and recommend a different approach.

At the end of our Discovery phase, if all decision makers are aligned on the project goals, the project moves into the Design Phase and then the Deliverable Phase.

The phases broken down

Strategy 1: High level goals

Our Extend Discovery Phase is based upon the following high-level goals:

  • Determine what to build, and why
  • Identify and eliminate unknowns
  • Assess costs and timeline
  • Optimize budget, schedule, and goals
  • Confirm alignment from all decision makers
  • Upon completion of the Discovery Phase we move into the Design Phase.

Strategy 2: Design

The Design Phase consists of the following exercises:

  • Document business strategy review
  • Thorough Technical review
  • Sandbox Environment Testing/Client Approval
  • Go Live and post Go Live Testing and review

Strategy 3: Deliverable Phase

Upon Completion of your Dynamics Customization Project, you’ll have the following deliverables in hand:

  • Document with screenshots and instructions for end user
  • Document user workflow diagrams
  • Technical and Functional architecture/system overview diagrams





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