Signature Job Cost

Signature Job Cost

Designed to deliver… today and tomorrow

Tracking and managing costs and profitability is crucial to any business’s success. Signature Job Cost enables you to track and manage all phases of your jobs from planning to completion. You can schedule resources, enter cost activity, generate purchase orders, process vendor bills, and invoice customers, maintaining visibility at every phase of a job. Built on Microsoft Dynamics GP, Job Cost is designed to work as one solution with GP and not as an isolated set of applications. Leveraging a single database of information enables you to streamline business processes and more efficiently manage your business, as well as eliminate duplicate entries.

Job Cost allows you to:

• Keep projects on-time, on-budget and on-task
• Manage a job’s estimates to actuals and change orders, and ensure on-time invoicing
• Allocate employees, equipment, and tools to jobs
• Bill at a project or job level with convenient invoicing tools, including milestones and retention
• Easily manage subcontractors’ contracts, scheduling, and billing
• Eliminate manual entry and completion of AIA billing forms with our automated feature
• Leverage POC (percentage of completion) reporting
• Automatically calculate and apply prevailing wage
• Track everything needed to ensure accurate payroll, unions and compliance reporting

Improve processes with Job Cost

• Manage costs by tracking all components of a project–subcontractors, labor, materials, equipment and other defined costs
• Analyze projects to improve efficiencies – compare key performance indicators; see estimated, committed and actual costs and drill down to additional details
• Manage the change order process to help you respond quickly to new requirements
• Get easy access to relevant information, with role-defined home pages based on user preferences
• Manage your general ledger with up-to-date labor, equipment and materials status and progress reports
• Print required financial statements and drill down to supporting data
• Run reports to ensure you maintain certifications and compliance with applicable standards


“I like the accessibility of the Job Cost … it’s the most valuable to me because I can drill back and see not only the customer,
where the job was, who the owner was, what the PO was, was it certified payroll, was all of the little bits and pieces that I
would have to go and look for all over the folders, I can find in one central place.”

Sarah Smith | Accounting Specialist | Seiberlich Trane


Advanced Document Management

Capture, store, retrieve and attach files to fields including the service call, location, customer record, maintenance contract or equipment records


Project Level Roll-up

Combine multiple jobs into one project, allowing users to view jobs from the project level as well as to bill multiple jobs on a single invoice. Users can drill down to job-level detail, cost codes and transaction-level detail. Users can also, view contract details.


Advanced Subcontractor

Manage vendors and subcontractors, with the ability to automatically track information such as insurance and workers’ compensation expiration dates, draw requests, retention percentages and certificate expirations.

Enable users to more efficiently manage information:

• Change-order tracking for inclusion on AIA billings
• Drawings, submittals, documents and other paperwork associated with contracts
• Payment control (pay-when-paid)


Job Import

Easily deliver encrypted business logic and look up field validation for jobs, job cost codes, estimate revisions, and bill codes. Automated processes eliminate manual entry. Easily track performance through a variety of reports.



Provide a single point of entry where employees can post labor and expenses to jobs. Information entered once can be used by multiple modules, allowing supervisors and project managers to easily monitor and analyze ongoing labor costs.

• The Excel client allows the entry of time and expenses without a web connection
• E time-track lets users enter timesheet information via a standard browser


Graphical Schedule Board

Increase the ease of scheduling resources and equipment with the drag-and-drop technology of our Graphical Schedule Board.



Put full job tracking functionality and back-office access in your technicians’ hands, no matter how remote the location, with MobileTech’s “store-and-forward” technology.


Customer Connect

Provides your customers with self-service capabilities to verify outstanding balances, check on work in progress and request new service calls.


“The Job Cost module and Service Management module … it’s the core of our business and it drives what we do every day. “

– Chris Miller | Business Support Manager | Harshaw Trane