Signature Mobile Tech

Signature Mobile Tech

Designed to deliver… today and tomorrow

We know that choosing and implementing a mobile solution is a big undertaking, with many considerations, such as “Does it have
the functionality I need?”, “What if I need more tomorrow?” and “Do they really understand what I do?” We built MobileTech for
organizations that want to manage installation, maintenance, and repair processes more profitably both today and into the future.
MobileTech is built for the true mobile worker with buttons that are easy to select on touch-screen devices and expandable
content for easy viewing. MobileTech runs on the devices that your technicians need to do their jobs — whether they’re
laptops, tablets or smartphones. ”Store-and-forward” functionality allows technicians to connect to and save information, even
when internet connectivity isn’t available.

Keeping mobile workers mobile

MobileTech arms your technicians with proven technology, enabling them to operate efficiently and deliver a high level of
customer service. They can manage service calls and job appointments, with easy access to the right information the first time.


With Mobile Tech your field technicians can:

• Access customer information and service and equipment history in the field
• Eliminate paper tickets by recording and updating details and costs
• Capture signatures for work completed and immediately email a call summary
• Enter and track expenses and billable/non-billable time
• Capture opportunities for additional work
• Create an invoice in the field
• Inspect equipment, visually mark damages and assign tasks for follow-up
• Use up to 3 devices per technician
• Attach files including notes, pictures, blueprints, etc.
• Use barcoding for equipment and inventory


“MobileTech is being touted in our company as the most successful IT project ever done… our technicians love it.”

– Raymond C. Peeples Jr. | IT Manager | Stanley Elevator Company


Improve ROI, beginning in the field

• Remote entry of billable labor and materials, and invoice generation in the field improving cash flow and enabling timely billing
• Information entered in the field flows back to financial statements, reducing data entry and saving time and money
• Provide technicians the customer and equipment information they need, increasing technician productivity
• Allow technicians to easily create additional work requests, capturing opportunities for additional sales from the field
• Decrease administrative time, increasing employee retention
• Provide Purchasing visibility into inventory consumption, improving planning and replenishment of inventoried items


Improved processes, improved customer experience

• Provide technicians comprehensive customer history and details at their fingertips
• Generate reports from information provided in the field – inspection results, financials, customer report cards, etc.
• Email complete appointment information to the customer, while capturing a detailed work record in Signature
• Keep dispatchers and technicians aligned with updated details as synchronization occurs
• Increase visibility into and ease of scheduling with Graphical Schedule Board’s drag-and-drop technology
• Use predefined task lists to guide technicians and ensure the right work is completed
• Assign equipment to a call, ensuring technicians are ready to do the job and improving first-time fix rates


“With MobileTech, getting our technicians what they need allows us to better serve our customers while making our division more profitable and better positioning ourselves in the marketplace.”

– Nathan Olin | IT Director | Kinsley Power