The first step is to admit you haven’t done a true Margin Analysis… Part 2 of a recent conversation with Halden Group’s Michael Kristensen, Jr.

September 24, 2019 9:23 pm
Mike Kristensen discusses Margin AnalysisRD: Margin analysis. Your thoughts?…
MHK: “A lot of emerging, as well as legacy companies tend to give make-shift talking points about what their product margins might be – should be – hope to be. Just watch a few episodes of Shark Tank and you will see multiple examples of this sort of improvised ‘margin-make-believe
The sad truth is that most businesses don’t have a real grasp as to what their actual margins are. In fact, because they may be profitable, they neglect to do a deep dive into what percentage of margin they should apply to their product line. Margin Analysis is to a business, is what an annual medical check-up is to the body, so procrastination isn’t doing your bottom line any favors.

An important component within margin analysis is Landed Cost. Most companies know that they pay X dollars for a product. Where they often lose margin is the extra costs of acquiring that product in freight and handling charges from 3rd party logistics vendors, distributors, etc.

Margin Analysis is one thing I love about what I do at Halden Group. It’s very satisfying to work with a client to analyze, develop, and implement a more disciplined and automated approach to tracking landed costs, COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), product margins and more

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